Staying Strong and Positive This Christmas

I’m sure for most this year has been a year that has been a challenging and a difficult time for many. Staying Strong and Positive This Christmas may be difficult but we have got this!

In a year where we entered with so much hope and with high expectations. 2020 has definitely brought different hope for 2021.

Christmas is a time where we see people spending time together, giving and receiving gifts. Creating those sounds of laughter and joy.

There is a real uncertainty about what this Christmas will bring. Now as a small family run business Christmas is normally a very busy time of year for us, especially our personalised wooden toy collection. However, while we are not at all our shows this year, we have changed our path a little and really focused our online presence. We are not as big as some of the shops but we have given it are heart and soul.

While some traditions may be lost this year. Are there new ones that can be created?

A new tradition that we will be joining this year will be ringing our bells on Christmas Eve at 6pm to get the spirt of Christmas moving and of course to help Santa on his long journey. A new tradition that will creating a memory for my family to treasure when they are older.

Christmas is a time to absorb the most special moments, so why not open a bottle, reflect on the things that you have done this year get fitter- improving your health, spend more time with your family. If we can think in a positive manner than this will improve our mental state of mind and together, we as a nation will get through this.

In the spirt of thinking positive we have made a few suggestions to our top sellers this year. We also hope to evoke those young childhood memories.

Who had one of these good traditional toys that can be played with for hours.  Of course we have not forgotten

Mum or Nan this year. But who is the hardest to buy for.  In our house it’s the men. Take a look at our retro Sweet box.


Wooden personalised train set


Staying Strong and Positive

This Christmas to create many more happy years.