We have been reaching for the stars! Over the years many of our customers have visited us and asked for guidance on the types of toys to support a little one’s learning. Recommendations have been made, some are little recommendation about the type of toy and why, other times it’s guidance in how to support a child, giving families strategies and ideas. I am able to do this through my teaching knowledge and experience of working with many children and families. Many conversations with customers have led to water play because water play offers so much learning not through what they toy can offer in terms of its potential Mathematical or Language Learning but also about its sensory and emotional comfort for children particular for children with special additional needs.

As a small family business one of our core purposes is to bring wooden educational toys that offer more than one area of learning but also can be personalised to create that unique gift when given. Now water play and wood generally don’t go well together. However, we are introducing a new toy that we feel hits a lot of objectives and all of our core purposes as a business. It’s time to reach for the stars!

Shooting Star Sorter

Our Shooting star sorter. It’s very much a Mathematical toy, with size, colour, number of different holes in each star. While the base of the toy is wooden, and not just any wood FSC wood. The stars are made from silicone. Which means they can go in the bath, having the different number of holes in each star supports children in counting but making different waterfalls in the bath. As they are made from silicone it means the stars can go in the dishwasher to be cleaned if needed. The board is wooden and this is where we can personalise the toy. So, by day time shooting stars is a puzzle and stacking toy, by night time it’s a bath toy ready for fun! looking to finish the whole bedtime collection off? don’t forget to take a look at our personalised baby dressing gowns.