Boris will Santa get all the Wooden Toys?

So as we all know Christmas is coming and a month today we will all be eating our Christmas Dinners and pulling Christmas crackers.

The big question on a lot of little peoples minds is will Santa or Father Christmas be arriving this year? Is it safe for him? Will he spread covid 19? There are so many important questions to be asked by our younger people.

The big question of us at Bright Lights is Boris will Santa get all the Wooden Toys? Or will they be stuck at port? 

As Monty an eight year old boy who wrote to Borris Johnson to ask.

Now Borris Johnsons reply was endearing and covered all that Monty needed to know to keep the magic element alive. This is also important to remember, that it has been challenging for our younger people so more now than every we need to try and keep that sparkle of magical believe alive.

Borris Johnsons reply to Santa concern

What Borris Johnson didn’t tell him is the elves are struggling with stock supplies.

Here at Bright Lights we are currently experiencing stock supply issues, theses are mostly down to the ports being blocked with PPE equipment. However, what we can say is that as a small family run business we are trying our best to get your personalised gifts to you, we can even bet Amazon prime if you are local and we have it in stock! If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a chance and contact us.

In the background we have access to over 2000 wooden eudcational toys. We are still brining in new toys only this week to supplement the items not in stock. Santa will give all our children a wonderful Christmas this year. We have to believe in the magic!