A New Year New Challenges

A New Year New Challenges Well, we were happy to see the back of 2023. In terms of our personal lives particularly our health 2023 was not a positive year for the Bright Lights team. The ankle continues to be a problem, but with a consultant appoint awaiting in January we hope the road [...]

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Thank you!

Thank youWell, that was busy.  We battled through the cold, windy and wet days. There were a few hot chocolates along the way. Going through the days with little sleep while making the personalised gifts the memories you will open and create over the next few days.We thank you all for visiting us at events, [...]

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Cheltenham Race Course Gift & Fashion Fair

Cheltenham Race Course Gift & Fashion Fair!! A favourite of ours is the Christmas Gift & Fashion Fair, Cheltenham. The atmosphere from traders and customers is normally buzzing at this event. We find it's a enjoyable experience for all, including the husbands as there are screens for them to watch in comfortable seats with restaurants [...]

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Reaching for the stars!

We have been reaching for the stars! Over the years many of our customers have visited us and asked for guidance on the types of toys to support a little one’s learning. Recommendations have been made, some are little recommendation about the type of toy and why, other times it's guidance in how to [...]

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Hanbury Country Show

Hanbury Country Show Looking for something to do this weekend with all the family including the dogs? The 76th annual Hanbury Show will be held on Saturday 1st July 2023 and is a fantastic summer outing for the whole family. Open from 9am to 6pm, the Show is a wonderful and exciting day out with [...]

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Supporting your child through SATS

For children around the country, teachers are preparing them for their SATS, many of the SATS paper have been delivered. The final preparations are taking place. While SATS are controversial, I believe that if your child is doing them or not, then we have to support and prepare for the challenges of life. This blog is [...]

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What’s new for 2023?

  What's  new for 2023 2023 is in full swing. Events have started up again! The end of March see's Bright Lights returning to Stratford Market regularly on Sundays. New Events have been booked- Please look at our come to see us page to find out about the latest events and where we will be [...]

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Christmas Victorian Markets 2022

This year we will be continue to attend our Traditional Christmas Victorian Markets for 2022. Our two favourite markets are Worcester and Stratford Upon- Avon. First up Worcester! The Victorian Fayre was first started back in 1992 by traders from picturesque New Street and Friar Street. The Fayre may have grown a lot but it [...]

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Preparation Christmas Toys

Preparation for Christmas Toys- As we start to look at the biggest festive time of year. We also look at the top toys and gifts trending for 2022. This year sees lots of the traditional 80's and 90's gifts return with a big bang. Lego is set to be the top seller. While our [...]

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Christmas Shopping Trip

Christmas Gift & Fashion Fair, Cheltenham Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th October 2022 at The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse Looking for the perfect Christmas shopping trip? Christmas shopping starts here!More than 150 top-quality companies selling a vast array of festive gifts, stylish unique products, unusual food, quirky items, stocking fillers, decorative accessories for your home [...]

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