About Us

Where it all began. The story so far…..

Our beautiful daughter Elizabeth was born in June 2013.

At eleven weeks old Elizabeth was sleeping through, having waited for many years for Elizabeth we felt the luckiest parents in the world. Unfortunately, Elizabeth became very ill at five months old. Which was devastating, this lead to life changes for our family. Although she is recovering she is still prone to infections today and her diet has to be monitored daily.

Part of our life changes was I Jeanne Whatmore giving up my career as a Primary School teacher to care for Elizabeth Every day.

This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, but if you can imagine your child is your world!

Comfy Baby Collections: 

So Comfy Baby Collections emerged through the idea that we wanted to create personalised happy memories.

Initially we started with an embroidery machine, personalising blankets, dressing gowns, essential items that could also become keepsake.

Comfy Baby Collections started to grow and Elizabeth’s health became stronger, as well as my medical knowledge. Wooden educational toys were introduced. The range of wooden educational toys that we introduce grows every year, all very carefully picked by Elizabeth.

Comfy Baby Collections Re-branded in 2016 Our values became core to the business.

Bright Lights

‘Specialising, discovering and designing personalised gifts for your happiness.’

2017- Saw Bright Lights investing in lazer cutting and engraving equipment. This grew our range of possibilities instantly. At the same time my fire for education was still alight. I wanted to help schools, nurseries any educational setting. So we set up our Affiliate Program to provide collaboration between families, educators and Bright Lights.

With our business plans in place, we invested in more machinery, a sublimation machine with heat presses with the intention to brand some of our own products.


With the ability to brand our own products, saw collaboration with local artists to create some bespoke designs. Which also lead to working with a business coach, and introducing Our Ambassadors.

2020 Is already providing to bring up new challenges; the first quarter of the year has had the challenges of the Floods to Worcester. However we have many new things planned for 2020, including new shows, new products, and a change to the website.

Family Business

As Bright Lights continues to grow as a business, what remains at the heart is

Specialising, discovering and designing quality personalised gifts for all our customer’s needs and happiness.


While we try our best to keep up to date with technology our aim is to provide our customers with what they desire, so if you can’t find what you are looking for on the website, please ask, we like to think no job is impossible for a Bright Lights Team.

Our little family

Jeanne, Mark and Elizabeth Whatmore