Where it all began. The story so far…..

Our beautiful daughter Elizabeth was born in June 2013, an IVF success story.

At eleven weeks old Elizabeth was sleeping well, both Mark and I felt we were the luckiest parents in the world and had cracked all the talk about baby sleeping. Unfortunately, this enjoyment didn’t last long as Elizabeth fell ill at five months old. To keep the story short this was devastating and as a result changes had to be made to our new family of three.

Part of our life changes was my career as a primary school teacher. I gave up teaching, a career I had dreamed about since being a child. To this day I can say hand on heart it was the hardest decision I have ever made but for my family the right one.

Elizabeth’s health is a lot better as the years have passed, but we still have our daily medication and yearly checks to continue with.


First Comfy Baby Collections emerged through the idea that we wanted to create personalised happy memories.

Initially we started with an embroidery machine, personalising blankets, and dressing gowns, essential items that could also become keepsake gifts.

Introduction of Wooden Educational Toys:

Comfy Baby Collections started to grow and Elizabeth’s health became stronger, as well as my medical knowledge. Then wooden educational toys were introduced, tying to link my professional background into our business.  The range of wooden educational toys that we introduced are amazing in terms of their educational opportunities, the materials they are made from and the vibrant colours used and of course they are all safe for children. Elizabeth is also part of the business as she is our number one toy tester.

Re-Branding: As many businesses grow plans change and business tweak things, this is was no different for Comfy Baby Collections. So, in 2016 we re-branded because our values became core to the business and we felt that we didn’t just produce baby products anymore.

Bright Lights Logo

‘Specialising, discovering and designing personalised gifts for your happiness.’

More Machine: In 2017 we invested in a lazer cutting and engraving machine. Instantly this grew our range of possibilities. While my fire for education was still alight. I wanted to help schools, nurseries any educational settings. So, we set up our Affiliate Program to provide collaboration between families, educators and Bright Lights. The program is ‘free’ and is to help schools financially, while also supporting parents in selecting toys that will support their children, family and friends with learning.

With our business plans in place, we invested again in more machinery, a sublimation machine with heat presses with the intention to brand some of our own products.

With the ability to brand our own products, saw collaboration with a local artist to create some bespoke designs. This resulted in working with a business coach, and introducing Our Ambassadors  role.

As Bright Light continues to make plans and look forward, we entered 2020, a year that is proving to be the biggest challenges to Bright Lights and almost everyone around us. The first quarter of the year saw the challenges of the Floods to Worcester. This quarter has seen the coronavirus virus taken on the world.

Since, the Coronavirus has stopped us in our plans, like before we change, and one thing I have learnt in life don’t take things for certain because you don’t know what today or tomorrow might bring.

The Future: 2022- A journey we have gone through like many, part of one we don’t wish to see again.

2022 brings new challenges and exciting opportunities. Our planned research shows like the print wear and promotion show are already booked. Worcester High Street Market is returning and the dates are booked, other shows are already booked, with more in plan.

We are already looking into shipping more outside of the United Kingdom.

Traditional more products will be introduced.

We still remain true to our core values of providing quality personalised gifts that bring happiness and memorable experiences to those that receive them. While also providing an impressive customer service, because we go the extra mile.

Our Family

Jeanne, Mark and Elizabeth

Our Family