About Us

Where it all began. The story so far…..

Our beautiful baby daughter Elizabeth was born in June 2013.

We found ourselves going out continuously to buy blankets to make her sleep times comfy and at 11 weeks old we cracked it. Unfortunately, Elizabeth became very ill at 5 months old. Although she is fully recovered she has become the centre of our word.

Comfy Baby Collections was created, being a small family business that wished to create those cherished moments of comfort with your little ones, by making gifts personalised with their name, weight or date of birth embroidered.

2015 – After being a primary school teacher for many years. Director of Bright Lights Jeanne watched my own daughter playing with her toys. As a practitioner for the very young children, Jeanne wanted to bring her expertise of teaching to the company. So with Elizabeth’s little hands, cheeky smile and warm heart the company entered into the world of wooden toys.

All the toys sold are educational while bringing children the opportunity to ignite their imagination, exploration, and creativity and of course not to forget fun!

2016- Saw Comfy Baby Collections evolve further and with this came the new creation of ‘Bright Lights’.

A company wishing to ignite the neuro paths of the brain to create lasting memories for families.

2017- Bright Lights invested in more equipment and began personalising wooden educational toys in-house. A wider range of products were introduced including the introduction of corporate gifts.  While Bright Lights was expanding with products. Jeanne wanted to support educational settings, due to Jeanne’s passion for learning. An affiliation program was set up to provide collaboration between families, educators and Bright Lights.

2018-  Bright Light’s core focus is on personalising bespoke quality gifts. With further investments in machinery this time in sublimation printing with a greater focus on a branded design by Bright Lights.

2019- Back groundwork is currently undergoing and coming soon.

While Bright Lights continues to grow as a business, what remains at the heart is the specialising, discovering and designing quality personalised gifts for all our customer’s needs and happiness.

While we try our best to keep up to date with technology our aim is to provide our customers with what they desire, so if you can’t find what you are looking for on the web, please ask, no job is impossible for a Bright Lights Team

To learn about the full story visit our reported Worcester News article:


Our little family

Jeanne, Mark and Elizabeth Whatmore