Our Children and Coronovirus

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Our Children and Coronavirus As I parent, I have watched my little one deal with the challenges coronavirus has set her. Not being able to see her friends, not learning her emotions through friendships, not being able to play in those team games, not learning from other adults and engaging in so many different experiences. [...]

Parents Half Term is in Sight

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Parents Half Term is in Sight As we come to the last day of term, before a week’s half term. I can hear the cheers from other parents. I don't think I have ever been so relieved for a half term. Elizabeth has been amazing through home schooling, I consider myself lucky in that she wants [...]

Children’s Mental Health Week

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This week is all about Children's Mental Health. As most of you know this business was set up shortly after the arrival of Elizabeth. The set-up of the business did bring some mental worries with lots of anxiety. Mostly to myself with giving up my career as a teacher, but if you do know me, [...]

It’s okay we will get there!

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I thought I would write a blog to say it’s okay we will get there! So, we find ourselves in another full lock down again for a second time! I know for everyone it is slightly different. However, I wanted to share how it works or not at Bright Lights. It’s not to show you [...]

Home Schooling Take 2

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So as parents we find our self’s home schooling once again, take 2! Last week I found this one of the hardest challenges. Not because of the actual teaching. More to do with the live lessons and the number of APPs my daughters teacher used. I am old fashioned and I like pen and paper, [...]

Staying Strong and Positive This Christmas

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Staying Strong and Positive This Christmas I'm sure for most this year has been a year that has been a challenging and a difficult time for many. Staying Strong and Positive This Christmas may be difficult but we have got this! In a year where we entered with so much hope and with high expectations. 2020 [...]

Boris will Santa get all the wooden toys?

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Boris will Santa get all the Wooden Toys? So as we all know Christmas is coming and a month today we will all be eating our Christmas Dinners and pulling Christmas crackers. The big question on a lot of little peoples minds is will Santa or Father Christmas be arriving this year? Is it safe [...]

Montessori Learning and Wooden Toys

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A blog about Montessori Learning and Wooden Toys. What is Montessori? Montessori  leanring is an approach to understanding how children learn in an holistic manner meaning the whole child. The approach to learning is the understanding that a child's early years this being from birth to six are a time when they have the greatest [...]

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