Personalised Wooden Educational Toys:

Discover our wide range of traditional wooden educational toys. Selected carefully for their opportunities to enhance a child’s global development. While also being a Montessori toy that encourages a child to experiment and explore. Allowing them to take their learning to the next level.

Within our website we have provided learning development icons.  These icons are to support you finding out the different areas of learning for a particular wooden toy and what they can offer a little one.

Our wooden educational toys are also selected for their affordability, their brightness in colours as well as the materials used.

We also love the fact that they are UK designed.

All our personalised wooden educational toys are CE certified, ASTM requirements and En71 approved appropriate to safety standards for children to play safely.

They are also Ethical Production facilities.

The true uniqueness of our wooden selected toys is they can be individually personalised with names and custom messages making the perfect traditional toy along term keep sake toy to remember for years to come.

All personalisation is carried out by ourselves, therefore making each order personal to us to give to you to make those ever-lasting memories.


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