First Show for 2021 Cheltenham Gift & Fashion Fair!!

Well, it has been two years since we have done a big show, we are heading back!!

A favourite of ours is the Christmas Gift & Fashion Fair, Cheltenham.

As you would expect we are a little nervous, while also excited to be back. The atmosphere from traders and customers is normally buzzing at this event.

We hope to see many returning and new customers of course. We will be bringing our traditional wooden toys, and lots of family personalised gifts for loved ones and friends.

This year the trading days are a little different the fair will trade on Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th October 2021- 9:30-5pm. We will be located in our normal position on the balcony in the corner. So, lots of space to see our beautiful gifts.

The guidelines are customers are to make their own judgment on how they feel about wearing a mask.

While we would love to see lots of customers at our first show back at Cheltenham Gift & Fashion Fair, we also appreciate the concern some people may have.  So, we do ask not to forget us visit our website  or call us. We are generally pleasant and love talking to our customers.

For those customers who would love a day out shopping with friends or just to be organised and not to have to walk out in the cold this winter, please click on the link for free tickets to the event Christmas Gift & Fashion Fair, Cheltenham.