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Montessori Learning and Wooden Toys

A blog about Montessori Learning and Wooden Toys. What is Montessori? Montessori  leanring is an approach to understanding how children learn in an holistic manner meaning the whole child. The approach to learning is the understanding that a child's early years this being from birth to six are a time when they have the greatest [...]

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Dreaming of a cosy Christmas Eve.

As I sit here typing this blog, I am dreaming of a cosy Christmas Eve as this is generally when we can have a couple of days off, to spend as a family. While this year many people have had extra time at home, it's not been for us as Mark (Husband) has been working through [...]

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World Wide Christmas jingle bells

'The world wide Christmas jingle bell.' With the year we have all had, it's time to bring some cheer. This year there is going to be a massive jingle! Across the Uk at 6pm on Christmas Eve we are looking to go outside and ring bells for 2 mins to spread the Christmas spirt and [...]

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Getting Organised with the Family

Getting Organised with the Family. Are you the Mum waking your child or children up and saying 'Morning, wake up we are late!' I was until Elizabeth said to me we are always late! Not something I liked hearing, so I decided we needed to be organised with the family. So rules and jobs were [...]

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Are wooden toys hygienic?

Are wooden toys hygienic?           This blog is all about how hygienic are wooden toys compared to plastic toys. This blog will not give you all the answers but it will provide some hopefully thought-provoking answers. Over the years I have seen lots of parents buying plastic toys, cleaning them using [...]

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Return to Worcester High Street Market on Saturdays

This is breaking news for us as Bright Lights HQ. Return to Worcester High Street Market on Saturdays. Last Sunday morning we discovered that a new market operating company Cotswold markets Ltd was operating a new market in Worcester High street on Saturdays. Well with it being a Sunday there was nobody in the office, [...]

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Santa Christmas letter personalised

The heating has already been turned on in our house! Personalised Santa Christmas letters are ready! So with this all in mind we wanted to point out one of our newest products. Our official personalised 'Santa letters' or Father Christmas letters. Now a personalised Santa Christmas letter has not just been printed and sent. Thought, [...]

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