Standing on your own to feet in this world!

As we enter into the final term of the academic school this year. I hear parents asking other about how well their child is doing, what’s the next teacher like. Oh, I wish they would take an interest in school. Since having had Elizabeth and sending her to school, we have faced challenges not to mention home schooling, some like others and some unique to us. What remains important to all parent’s is what is best for their child. Doing the same as everyone else is not always the best for your child.

Elizabeth is in a cohort where she is the only sporty girl in her class, and at times she feels different because she doesn’t always want to join in the unicorn play or wear the fancy dress. She wants to join in that football game but why does she feel different? Well, there are many different theories and stereotypes. The challenges she faces at the moment are about encouraging her to be herself and find her own path way.

Parents always comment to me how lucky I am, ‘Elizabeth talks to you and tells you about her day’. For me this has been something we have always done. The time I have spent with Elizabeth has allowed me to nature this communication, the play we have engaged in has supported this. My own personal theories I have leaned towards Maria Montessori that communication allows you to express needs and ideas and this allows for a more holistic development. I try to show interest in her learning through listening and giving her time to play or explore in her interests.

Our range of wooden toys gives children, a non-frightening way or non-formative way to learn. Wooden toys don’t give children the answers, they let them explore and adapt to the situation. Elizabeth is using her learnt skills and adapting to her different friendship groups.

The power of the wooden toys prepares our children for the life where they can stand on their own two feet in this world.

Child chopping fruit language development