The element of time to play is an essential part of learning and growing.  That is why the team at Bright Lights feel it is essential to continue to grow our range of toys.  In selecting the toys we consider the educational value, the cost and the material of the wood and where it is sourced. All our new toys being brought in are FSC. Which means FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, which is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting standards.

FSC Forest

FSC provide the highest standard of protection for endangered species and forests, providing a safe and secure future for our planet.

But it’s not all about the trees. FSC Certified forests also provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to those that live and work there too. This means the needs of the present generation are met without compromising those of future generations.


We also want our toys to last for years to come and to be passed down through families and friends. To ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of beautiful forests, we make sure that our wood is sustainably sourced.

It’s super important for us to have sustainable toy options widely available to our customers. Together, we can secure a future with forests.