The trends for toys, changes each year. Last year saw sensory toys  trending like fidget spinners and poppets take our children by craze.

2022 is seeing toys that encourage children to  create and share their own content. For example  getting children to think and share their artwork, stories and photos. Allowing children to flex their imagination and customise their own play experiences.

The trend for 2022 is creating new content and skill through the exploration of building this can also be through drawing, coding, photography. It is also a trend that supports intergenerational play- meaning children and parents play together and create together.

While we follow the trends of toys we also guided by the development of children and the value of progress.

Personalised Wooden Gardening Caddy

This year we have brought in a gardening caddy, that supports young children in exploring the great outdoors, but gets them to value the worth of a garden and nature around them. We have brought in more supporting educational aids like a traditional abacus and number bond to 10 tray.

Having watched as mental health took a big strain on our children during covid-19 in 2021 the after scares of it are still present. We believe that toys that also need to trend are toys that will support and allow children to express and understand emotions.  So, we have brought in a family puzzle box of bears which encourages children to create their own characters through imagination but also supports looking at the different emotions expressed on the character faces.