What’s  new for 2023

2023 is in full swing. Events have started up again!

The end of March see’s Bright Lights returning to Stratford Market regularly on Sundays.

New Events have been booked- Please look at our come to see us page to find out about the latest events and where we will be exhibiting.

New toys for the year have been selected and ordered.  Some of our new and beautiful wooden toys are already coming through the doors. It’s just a case of getting them personalised and photographed ready for you to see and play.

Our USA orders are going well and this year we are working on shipping out to Canada. So fingers crossed this will be as successful as the USA.

New designs are coming to the Bright Lights collection, a sneak peak  an emerging new Robot and a beautiful Mermaid. Just what our younger customers have asked for.

New mermaid

Lots more work is being done in the back ground, as well as our social media continuously growing.

However, our small family business could not be hear today if it was not for our wonderful and supporting customers. So thank you, especially in these challenging times.

Keep in touch and remember to keep making those special memories.