For children around the country, teachers are preparing them for their SATS, many of the SATS paper have been delivered. The final preparations are taking place.

While SATS are controversial, I believe that if your child is doing them or not, then we have to support and prepare for the challenges of life.

This blog is about how we can support children who are taking SATS .

As a teacher I have seen the pressures children put themselves under with SATS and other tests, as well as my own daughter.

As a teacher we have ty to keep children clam, make the toast and a juice. Make light of the SATS. At the end of the day, our children are aware of the exam paper they are about to sit. The classroom walls are bear and the children are expected to work in silence within a set time frame.

So, as parents, guardians what we do to support in these moments:

  • Build their confidence, children need to believe they can do this. Some times their believes come from those they trust.
  • Help your child in understanding their mistakes, there is nothing wrong with mistakes that’s part of learning. As long as you do learn.  So, whether it’s that element of a fraction they don’t understand. Try to break it down for them. The learning key may turn and unlock.
  • Don’t challenge everything just a few elements.
  • As a parent make sure you are aware of what is coming up for your child.
  • Model to your child preparation to SATS and keeping calm and relaxed.
  • Weekends prior to the SATS other exams reduce stress.
  • Always discuss with your child how they are feeling, and anything they may feel stressful about
  • Think about the langue you use with your child- remember to explain to your child we are all different and cope with things in different ways, however talking about your worries often helps.

 We hope our advice in this blog supports parents and guardians in preparing children for exams.

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