Preparation for Christmas Toys- As we start to look at the biggest festive time of year. We also look at the top toys and gifts trending for 2022.

This year sees lots of the traditional 80’s and 90’s gifts return with a big bang.


Lego is set to be the top seller.

While our traditional toys that capture the imagination time and time again are on trend to be a big Bang.  Number one toys this year in particular the workbench tool toys.

Good job we have a good collection of workbench tools but also wooden toys that support imagination.

Preparation Christmas Toys- Our wooden work bench is a great gift for little ones.  It’s a gift that grows with your little one and their learning. First, they use their imagination to work out how to play with the tools and the different pieces, they then fix the house up using their fine motor control. Finally, the skills they have learnt allow them to build the work bench itself. It’s almost a two in one toy. With the extra option to have it personalised, some go that bit further and have a special message personalised on the back making that first Christmas extra special.