Memories to hold!

Yesterday saw me wave our little girl into year 4 today. As always, she was nervous but excited to see her friends. Last night before she closed her eyes we talked and reminisced about the summer memories made in 2021. While we did a lot this summer, visiting London twice, Alton Towers, adventure parks and trails and countless play dates and sleep over’s the best part of her memory. Being with you Mummy! I love my little girl so much, and proud to call her my daughter as she gave me the greatest gift being a Mummy.

memories to hold

Now as we move into the next part of the year, I look to Christmas what memories will I make for my family? what gifts will I create to make the perfect personalised gift for you to give to your loved one? What will this Christmas hold for us all? What memories to hold will we make?

At the current moment honestly, we do not know. We are going to stay strong and positive. we are looking at bringing in more and different toys. However, stock and some change in design is happening. This is causing us little problems with some of our tops sellers going out of stock for our busy season. So, while I wish not to panic people I would say if you see anything and you like it, don’t wait till the last minute. We want to create the perfect moments to gift the perfect gift.