We have some Worcester High Street news!

Bright Lights are returning Back to Worcester High Street. While it won’t be every Saturday it will be the second Saturday of each month. So put it in your Diary’s

Firstly, we are glad to be accepted under the arts and craft market with the New Cotswold market Operators in Worcester.

Secondly, its our home city, so to be back in our local place is great. As lots of local customers have supported us through Covid19. As time has gone on we have seen less of our regular customers who we had spoken to and built up family relationships. We generally would love to see so many locals come and support small local arts and craft business but also to see familiar faces and hear the stories about new family additions and how the family have gown up.

At the current moment we can’t give you an exact location on the high street, but on the 9th October 2021 we will be able to give you a better update.

As always we will have some of our traditional wooden toys and our range of personalised gifts for the family with us, but of course we will have some of our new products. We may even bring out some of our newest Christmas range. Which we are so excited to share with you. As it has been touch and go if they would ever arrive. As we have waited  8 months. We have something to celebrate and we want to share the happiness with you. So come and visit us on the Worcester High Street.