The value of dolls on a child’s learning.

Bright Lights range of rag dolls continues to grow because dolls add a huge value to children’s development.

Firstly, the reason why we choose to increase the range is because dolls can play a huge part in a child’s life.

Introducing Rainbow our 2020 doll.

For children in the early years dolls are representation of the child themselves. Through the bound and play with a doll, a child will discover a better understanding of themselves.

Furthermore we would like to be able to offer a greater range of dolls as we feel we are limited to the genre, colour and disabilities of the dolls we offer. However we have found these dolls are available just we are not able to obtain these at the current moment.

Dolls encourage social skills to develop and grow as playing with dolls can solidify social skills. When I watch Elizabeth play with her dolls I hear her communicate with her dolls and her friends encouraging her to share, cooperate and take care of each other. Discover our supporting role- play toys.

Often when you see children role playing with dolls they imitate parenting roles and demonstrate responsibility. Elizabeth will give her dolls a healthy snack and remind the dolls to drink their water. Showing signs of heathy eating and independent awareness. While she will also tell her dolls of for choosing all the cakes out of the cupboard.

Through the use of dolls imagination is fired, and with that comes language. In a role play scene children’s’ language can be strengthened by communicating with friends, for the adult it also gives an insight into home experiences and other family experiences. Through the value of dolls children together learn about the world around them.