Supporting small family business through viruses.

As a small family run business the word virus, daunts us.

At Bright Lights not just the Covid 19 virus but the word virus in general. Bright Lights was started due to Elizabeth being ill with a virus, which in turn lead me to giving up my full time teaching career. Read About us to find out our story.

Bright Lights was established and I become a self employed person. Now in these times I find myself in a very frightening situation. While happy to have a loving daughter and husband, and spend so much time with them, I ask where will I end up? What will their be for our daughter?

The reason for this blog is to remind people about the benefits of supporting local and what we give back as a business as well as a business with a heart.

1: Shopping with a local independent shop means that you can indirectly make a big impact on your local community.

2: Create local jobs – Last year we where able to employ a seasonal member of staff. We also outsource work to local IT, web design and printing business.

3: The environment local deliveries means less fuel in transport. As a small business we often offer free local delivery.

4: Adding character to your local charities; each year we support St Richards hospice and local schools with our raffle prizes and our Affiliate Program.

5: Buying through a local business who understands and knows their products gives you quality and a personal touch to your shopping needs.

I’m home schooling, with a little one who continues to have a poor immune system. While trying to run a business without any wages or job security.  Please help those small business survive where you can it’s their future and their homes not to mention their self wellbeing that are at risk.