What about us? 

As the news changes, the world keeps turning, the current situation keeps evolving with the current pandemic.  Today we are reflecting on how a family business that relied on events and markets mostly is adapting and changing.

Change for us, does have some big positives in that 20 hrs a day working was literal killing me, I find myself wondering what is going to happen , what was this all about? What is this all about?

Big Businesses or Small?

Where I hear about delivery drivers being busy and  Amazon unable to keep up with demands. We ask our selves why are we not rushed off our feet?  Well, to start with I’m going back to my routes of home schooling our daughter and lucky or un-lucky as some might say my daughters school is providing a full curriculum time table, which means I’m teaching full time. This opportunity has allowed me to slow life down and given me thinking time.

Here at Bright Lights we are a strong working family that never gives up, partly because we have big hearts and we have a drive to succeed.  While there is an overwhelming concern over what is going to happen to the country I sit here typing thinking about our business action plan.

Action plan:

We are bringing in new products.

Working extremely hard with our website with increasing products, appearance and SEO work.

Looking into more machinery, where it will go I really don’t know!

Our Instagram, Facebook and other social media pages are growing in support and followers.


What we stand for:

What we continue to identify is that we are a personalising company that provides quality. You can’t buy the products from Amazon because they are not off the shelf products. Our personalised gifts are designed and selected with thought and care. Bright Lights go the extra mile creating a gift that will give meaning to the value of kindness and thought when giving a gift.

Support Family Business:

We ask you to consider next time you go to buy a gift, please keep us in mind. If you have an idea but can not find it email us. We will go the extra mile in designing the perfect gift for you to give!