Supporting Small Business at this point in time!

During this period of uncertainity we are speaking to lots of different people, from pregnant ladies to brides to people in business.

For business the biggest question is will we survive and have a business at the end. This is an unknown answer at the moment. However as a small family run business and one that relies on events and markets heavily. My business is not about essential items, like food and nappies. So I understand my sales have slowed down. So in a crisis we need to look to what can we do.

Well, one way in which we are asking for support so that we can keep building and be one of those small companies that make it so that at the end we can make people happy with the personalised  keep sake gifts that they give to their loved ones when the crisis is over.

Is please support us with reviews for our products on our website. These are so critical and vital for other customers who visit our website. We can do a lot of work in the background, but customers testimonies are so valuable.

On our social media pages Facebook, instagram, Twitter please ask people to ‘like’ share and engage.

If /or when we become isolated engage with us on social media so we are not lone.

While this blog is directed at our business the hope is that many people will pull together and support many other business.

Although this virus is spreading quickly it is people power that can be much stronger, as the brain is a powerful part of the body. Only this week I have been reminded that life goes on but for some people the struggle is to hard.

Please keep safe.