In 2013 I became a Mummy to a beautiful little girl called Elizabeth.

With her big browns eyes looking at me, my heart melted and I fell in love.

What I never got told was being a Mummy is the hardest job of all, eithen when the professional people around you don’t support you.

At the end of 2013 Elizabeth became very ill, this illness lead to me giving up a career that I loved and was passionate about. What was installed for me for the next journey of my life is not what I expected.

 Bright Lights was set up. While for the last 5 years Elizabeth has frequently been ill, which on many occasions had lead to trips to the hospital. The lack of sleep has been at the point of a new-born, or worse no sleep for two weeks until her body literally crashes. Do you know that feeling?

Today as a Mummy I finally felt I got recognised for knowing my daughter when a Doctor asked me about Elizabeth’s illness, read her notes and read all her reports. The Doctor identified that in 2016 Elizabeth’s body was rejecting some of the immunisations that she had received; now in 2019 these results have been read.

While we embark on the next journey with Elizabeth’s health. I know as a Mummy in that this hard job I have taken on you have to trust in yourself, you are the ‘boss‘ as the doctor told me and who else knows Elizabeth better than her Mummy.

To all the Mummy’s believe in your self you are all doing an amazing job. Life is not easy and people will try to knock you down but your little one/s are depending on you.