Not out of stock and still delivering!

As a small family run business it can be difficult to operate at full capacity on everything. Especially when you have a little one and under the new situation,  I’m now home schooling.  Which I have to add I do enjoy parts of it, spending more time with my little one. However I can’t wait for the day she returns to see her friends and teachers.

Last night I had an email chat with a returning customer. The customer wanted ideas for a one year old’s birthday, they wanted jigsaw puzzles, one personalised and by the end of the week, all of which were not on the website.

As a small business owner,  I dream about being a bigger company that employers staff and has an amazing website. But, what I would loose is those important customer relationships which is the part of the job I absolutely love. After moving the conversation from email to telephone, the customer went away with three different jigsaws for a little ones first birthday, while also having it personalised and delivered for by this Friday. We are able to offer free delivery to local areas to our office.

Just think, Amazon or Bright Lights, we are not a huge company but we offer a  personalised service and if we can deliver ASAP we will.

Currently if a product is in stock, we can personalise it the same night, local to our Head Office we can deliver all in the same day, with delivery free of charge (Exceptions apply- please call for details).

A family business going the extra mile because we always care.