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Here at Bright Lights we continue to provide quality products, personalised gifts and quality customer service, which is what we are know for.

Bright Lights at Market

No Events: In these difficult times we have found we have no events or markets to meet new customers and hear family stories which is a part of my role I love. This week I texted some of my customers just to see how they are. Some are struggling and have been affected by this awful virus, while others are facing life-threatening illness’s. So we have delivered a few gifts to our customers this week just to say we are ‘thinking of you’. We believe that at this time it’s about working together and helping each other and making sure people are not alone.


wooden bunny ride on

Returning Customer: I had another customer on Tuesday who bought from me a few years ago on Droitwich Market, they wanted a wooden trike that we did, unfortunately, this item is no longer in stock. However, we didn’t just say sorry we can’t do. We looked through our catalogue and discussed the need the learning and the age of the child the gift is for. The customer chose a ride-on shape sorting bunny to be personalised. The item arrived and has been personalised and delivered to the customer today (Saturday). This type of personalised service is what we believe is important, while the customer only lives local we went the extra mile with safely delivering the personalised gift free of charge.


wooden tractor puzzle

Finding Us: Another customer, phoned and had meet us on Worcester Market but was struggling to find us on the web.  Now to be honest we are aware of our web problems such as our domain name but it would cost us thousands to change and unfortunately we just do not have the money. Anyway the customer found us, by our branded logo. She told me what she wanted. She then asked if I did any tractor puzzles. So I again looked through my catalogue, and provided some email images to the customer. By the end of several emails and a telephone call of personalised shopping, the customer ordered a few different puzzles including a tractor puzzle. This customer again lived in Worcester so we were able to provide free delivery. All this took place at mid-night, while I’m not saying I’m always awake at this time, we are a personal business that if we are awake we will try to help.

Just call: Now as a small family business, it can be difficult to mange every element of the business from the products, to audits to personalising to web and social media work. So a customer called and wanted a product that was in stock, said she was local but the delivery price was expensive could she come and collect. I asked the lady a few questions; we discovered that there was a mistake on the delivery for this product. We don’t know why, but instantly we put it right on the web and we were able to hand deliver the item to the lady personalised the same day. So our services in the ladies words ‘just amazing’ but we as a company listened and recognised a problem and sorted it as swiftly as we could.

Free Delivery: So a problem we have is uploading our full range of products available because we literally do not have enough time. I am happy to send a toy catalogue digitally to customers to look through and of course if you need to use my educational background on where the child or children are at in terms of learning then I’m more than happy to help. Just a little reminder if you are local to our head office this being Worcester, Bromsgrove, Droitwich then we will deliver for free just call.


Going the extra mile to create you memorial gifts and times.