Make your child believe in the magic of Christmas with our personalised letter from Father Christmas.

Our magical, festive letter will really allow your child to continue to be a child that believes in the magic of Christmas. The memories created will last a life time.

We include lots of individual detail into the letter so it’s like Father Christmas actually knows your child.

The Father Christmas letter is bespoke just for you. We ask some key questions, but we also provide space for you to include those little extra bits that will light up your little one’s face to know that Santa Claus has been watching all year.

The envelope is finished with a handmade North Pole wax seal, so your letter is sealed officially. The letter is rubber stamped with an authentic Sleigh Mail post mark. The paper and envelope are a matching cream colour and written with a traditional script font on an A4 piece of paper.

We do ask that one one child’s name is used per letter, to ensure that special moment that Father Christmas has written to them personally remains.

How to order: Fill in the letter details in the form below. Submit your letter, then add it to your basket.

Once those Father Christmas letters have been written don’t forget to check your list twice. Remember if there is something missing you can look at our wooden toys to make sure that list is fully checked.