A traditional, colourful Wooden Noah’s Ark

A favourite of Bright Lights, for it’s truly magnificent wooden Noah’s Ark features. This wooden Noah’s ark comes complete with detailed animals, Noah and his wife, a total of 17 pieces.

The wooden detailed animals, which of course come in twos, provide the perfect opportunity for re-enacting scenes of  Noah’s Ark. To add character to the ark the dolphin can swim across the ocean following the ark through the ocean.

Additional features to this traditional Wooden Noah’s Ark is a folding ramp for the animals to find shelter, detail of their paw prints are included on the inside of the ramp. Some animals can be posted through a shape sorter, while other animals are magnetic so they can hold on tight to Noah’s ark or the rooftop. These features will encourage children to discover about cause and effect in a safe and fun way.