Fine dining at its best! Wooden cheese board set. Select from a cheddar to a roulade cheese with healthy oat crackers accompanied with a slice of apple.

This wooden play food set comes with a selection of five different brightly coloured cheese’s, all looking very authentic. To give the set a little extra there is a juicy green apple, but not wanting all the apple it’s cuttable so only a slice at a time!

This cheese board set has been chosen for its uniqueness and its concept of healthy eating, understanding a balance diet and gaining knowledge on where foods come from.

This wooden set will encourage and extend a child’s imaginative play and creative role play which in turn will support language development. Our range of wooden toys offers educational value. Our chopping fruit set also a popular gift as it supports imaginative role play and healthy eating while extending the fine motor control with chopping. Complimenting the cheese board gift set.