Preparation Christmas Toys

Preparation for Christmas Toys- As we start to look at the biggest festive time of year. We also look at the top toys and gifts trending for 2022. This year sees lots of the traditional 80's and 90's gifts return with a big bang. Lego is set to be the top seller. While our [...]

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Time for play today & tomorrow

The element of time to play is an essential part of learning and growing.  That is why the team at Bright Lights feel it is essential to continue to grow our range of toys.  In selecting the toys we consider the educational value, the cost and the material of the wood and where it is [...]

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Trending Toys

The trends for toys, changes each year. Last year saw sensory toys  trending like fidget spinners and poppets take our children by craze. 2022 is seeing toys that encourage children to  create and share their own content. For example  getting children to think and share their artwork, stories and photos. Allowing children to flex their [...]

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New Toys, New Supplier

Well we have listened and we are expanding our wooden toy range collection. We have brought in new toys and another new supplier, who is also more eco friendly. Our new toy supplier supports us in being very passionate about their ethical programme to produce wooden toys. The  new toys being brought in are made [...]

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Montessori Learning and Wooden Toys

A blog about Montessori Learning and Wooden Toys. What is Montessori? Montessori  leanring is an approach to understanding how children learn in an holistic manner meaning the whole child. The approach to learning is the understanding that a child's early years this being from birth to six are a time when they have the greatest [...]

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World Wide Christmas jingle bells

'The world wide Christmas jingle bell.' With the year we have all had, it's time to bring some cheer. This year there is going to be a massive jingle! Across the Uk at 6pm on Christmas Eve we are looking to go outside and ring bells for 2 mins to spread the Christmas spirt and [...]

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Are wooden toys hygienic?

Are wooden toys hygienic?           This blog is all about how hygienic are wooden toys compared to plastic toys. This blog will not give you all the answers but it will provide some hopefully thought-provoking answers. Over the years I have seen lots of parents buying plastic toys, cleaning them using [...]

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Lock Down Continues

Lock Down continues talk to your children. Lock down remains and as I enter my forth week with Elizabeth, Monday mornings have changed at the moment theres no 'were late!' 'Quick!' 'Hurry up!'. Monday mornings are lying on the bed taking and listening about Elizabeths concerns. Some of here concerns and worries are not the [...]

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Why Wooden Toys?

We have just taken delivery of some new wooden toys that were selected back at the start of the year by Elizabeth (5 years old), our amazing toy tester! In a world where technology takes over, Bright Lights values the timeless charm and the beautiful colours of wooden toys. While Elizabeth explores the fun element [...]

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