Reaching for the stars!

We have been reaching for the stars! Over the years many of our customers have visited us and asked for guidance on the types of toys to support a little one’s learning. Recommendations have been made, some are little recommendation about the type of toy and why, other times it's guidance in how to [...]

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Trending Toys

The trends for toys, changes each year. Last year saw sensory toys  trending like fidget spinners and poppets take our children by craze. 2022 is seeing toys that encourage children to  create and share their own content. For example  getting children to think and share their artwork, stories and photos. Allowing children to flex their [...]

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Events- The Show must go on!

The show must go on! So, we have returned from Cheltenham Festive Gift Fair. It was another great show. Not as busy as usual, but still it proved to be a good show. We have booked for next year. Well we did see some adorable customers! An adorable customer playing with wooden chopping fruit [...]

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What is the attraction to rag dolls?

What is the attraction to Rag Dolls? We have a range of over 2000 wooden educational toys from personalised wooden trains to personalised wooden puzzles. However, our personalised rag dolls are a number one seller overall. Why? Children love the familiar features of a rag doll and the softness of a rag doll,  it inspires [...]

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Home Schooling Take 2

So as parents we find our self’s home schooling once again, take 2! Last week I found this one of the hardest challenges. Not because of the actual teaching. More to do with the live lessons and the number of APPs my daughters teacher used. I am old fashioned and I like pen and paper, [...]

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Open for business and ideas!

We are open for business and ideas! Here at Bright Lights we continue to provide quality products, personalised gifts and quality customer service, which is what we are know for. No Events: In these difficult times we have found we have no events or markets to meet new customers and hear family stories which is a part [...]

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