What’s new for 2023?

  What's  new for 2023 2023 is in full swing. Events have started up again! The end of March see's Bright Lights returning to Stratford Market regularly on Sundays. New Events have been booked- Please look at our come to see us page to find out about the latest events and where we will be [...]

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Christmas Victorian Markets 2022

This year we will be continue to attend our Traditional Christmas Victorian Markets for 2022. Our two favourite markets are Worcester and Stratford Upon- Avon. First up Worcester! The Victorian Fayre was first started back in 1992 by traders from picturesque New Street and Friar Street. The Fayre may have grown a lot but it [...]

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Victorian Markets Are Back!

Victorian Markets Are Back! This year sees us return to our Traditional Victorian Markets. Two years on and we will make it back! We are doing both our two traditional Victorian Markets Worcester and Stratford this year. While it is all very exciting, we are also very nervous. Of course, we will still be dressed [...]

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Personalised Traditional Christmas Gifts

Personalised Traditional Christmas Gifts- The festive season is almost upon us, this year more than ever we have had to make many predictions as to what this year will bring. As a small family run business, it's but a lot of pressures emotionally and finically on us. One thing is for sure we will have [...]

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Santa Christmas letter personalised

The heating has already been turned on in our house! Personalised Santa Christmas letters are ready! So with this all in mind we wanted to point out one of our newest products. Our official personalised 'Santa letters' or Father Christmas letters. Now a personalised Santa Christmas letter has not just been printed and sent. Thought, [...]

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The Christmas Grand Sale- London

Bright Lights are returning to the stunning Royal Horticultural Halls, London SW1 When: 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2019. This Festive fair with a cornucopia of gifts as well as decorative accessories for the home and some fashion items from more than 90 top quality gift, homes and fashion companies. Bright Lights will be show [...]

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Importance of Water this Summer

As the weather gets hotter the importance of drinking water becomes increasingly important. While there is no general recommendation that children should drink eight glasses of fluids, its up to the adults to monitor the amount of water consumed taking into consideration the child’s age, size and types of activities encountering. If you are out [...]

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