Back to school!!

Back to School 2022 So as another summer closes to an end. We start to look at the new academic year start. Elizabeth joins year 5, can't not believe she is almost at the end of her first years in school. The new nursery chidlren are getting ready to start their first days [...]

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Trending Toys

The trends for toys, changes each year. Last year saw sensory toys  trending like fidget spinners and poppets take our children by craze. 2022 is seeing toys that encourage children to  create and share their own content. For example  getting children to think and share their artwork, stories and photos. Allowing children to flex their [...]

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New Toys, New Supplier

Well we have listened and we are expanding our wooden toy range collection. We have brought in new toys and another new supplier, who is also more eco friendly. Our new toy supplier supports us in being very passionate about their ethical programme to produce wooden toys. The  new toys being brought in are made [...]

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Gifts To Buy A 1 Year Old

What are the best gifts to buy a one-year-old? Often the first birthday gift people buy is traditional gifts.  To say it was your first.... With being a personalising company, we can also offer that extra something special by having it customised and if you want to personalise your gift wrapping then we can do [...]

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