News:  Successful Return to Stratford-Upon-Avon Riverside Sunday Market for Bright Lights

Location: We returned to our usual spot on Waterside just outside Carluccio’s. 

Feeling:  Honestly, we were a little nervous it was great to see traders around, but the nerves where clear to see.

The market looks a little different, however it felt a little more open and cosmetically pleasing.

There are not as many traders; however there is still a large variety of business out and each business has worked hard to bring out new products for a return to Market.

We felt lucky to be given more space in displaying our products as each stall is in a pod of two with a divider between each stall. For us it allows us to showcase from two sides. Therefore providing more variety.

Top products: That sold out yesterday: Wooden Transporter and Wooden Hammer Bench.

Safety: While we trade we wear gloves, at our stall it is up to customers if they feel they want to play, which most Dad’s did! If products have been touched they were wiped with dettol wipes and let to breath in the outside environment.

Next steps: To see some more wonderful customers next week at Stratford-Upon-Avon Riverside Market next Sunday, as we will be back!