The heating has already been turned on in our house! Personalised Santa Christmas letters are ready!

So with this all in mind we wanted to point out one of our newest products. Our official personalised ‘Santa letters‘ or Father Christmas letters.

Now a personalised Santa Christmas letter has not just been printed and sent. Thought, care and attention has been given to them to make them authentic and personal to each child.

As most of us know children grow up to quickly these days so we want to keep the magic element off Santa alive for as long as possible.

The questions behind the letters being wrote have been thought through very carefully and researched.

A Santa mail stamp has been purchased.

The equipment and materials to make the wax seals have been purchased and then we make them ourselves so each Santa official wax seal is just for you.

When we looked at the paper we wanted a good quality paper, so we went to our printers to seek advice.

Deciding  conqueror paper with a smooth finish and of course matching envelopes, was the answer.

So all we ask now is that you take a look at our personalised Santa or Father Christmas letter and share with friends and family. Not forgetting to have a look at the detail yourself.

A family run business that is trying to create a personalised touch this Christmas. Remember  what your little one puts on their list we might also have in our wooden toy section.

Happy October.

Jeanne, Mark & Elizabeth