This is breaking news for us as Bright Lights HQ. Return to Worcester High Street Market on Saturdays.

Last Sunday morning we discovered that a new market operating company Cotswold markets Ltd was operating a new market in Worcester High street on Saturdays. Well with it being a Sunday there was nobody in the office, to find out any information. Monday morning 9 am sharp we phoned to enquiry.

Worcester High street was setting up a market again. We needed to fill in paper work quick, with so many shows cancelled traders are all jumping at any markets or events happening this year. So we have waited for the last 24 hrs with baited breath. To find out today we have been accepted on to the market.

While we do not know our exact location we do understand that it will be in the top end of the high street around the food court area and down as far as the guildhall.

Worcester people please come out to see us. Support local business, family run business. Let’s work together to help each other as this is not a short journey.

We will be out with as much choice as possible, but of course our wooden educational toys and our traditional dressing gowns will be out. We look forward to seeing you all again.