As we come to the end of another academic year. I look to where has the year gone? For many of us we have juggled, home schooling and work. Are we Ready for the Summer?

In our house it’s been a year of massive learning curves, sacrifices and learning from each other. After four long years of pain and uncertainty Mark had his full knee replacement and the thought of the operation and recovery time dreaded us as a family all in so many ways, emotionally, finically but also our outlook on life. It was the unknown that was scaring us.

As a small family business, who relies on each cog turning.  My daughter Elizabeth the toy tester and the spirt that keeps me going and Mark my husband helping with the orders, deliveries and all the travelling and helping to set up at markets events. 2021 will be a year of real achievements. A year of a sacrifice that we have faced and challenged and are now coming out the other side.

The elements of our family that have kept us together have been the problem solving, giving each other support, physically and mentally. When Mark first came out of hospital I as a wife struggled but our daughter took the lead. As we head to the summer holidays, it’s a time for me to juggle more than normal trying to care for Elizabeth and run the business, but it’s an opportunity to spend time with Elizabeth and make memories. A time I will never get back with her.

This summer create those memories for your children because life really is too short and you can’t turn the clock back. The summer holidays are a long time away from the classroom, try to continue supporting and encouraging your child in their learning.

Bright lights range of products in particular wooden toys are also great for supporting children’s learning, having fun and creating those all-important memories. Our magnetic weatherboard is a popular wooden toy for pre-school children and children up to Key Stage two.

So the question is are you ready for summer? This summer take time to look at the challenges you have faced and how you have dealt with them, because it’s only through reflection that we grow and it’s only through sacrifice as parents we begin to realises what is important.