Magnetic Play dress up also know as Mag-play is a new and exciting toy, selected by Bright Lights becasue Magnetic Play can encourage creativity and storytelling, by dressing  up the boy and/or girl in different magnetic outfits by copying one of the five included image cards, or designing and creating your own outfits, as the possibilities are endless. There are lots of play pieces to ensure every play experience is unique.

Magnetic Play Dress up case is a great way to encourage storytelling and develop creativity, as well as encouraging story telling vocabulary such as ‘once upon a time’, ‘finally’, ‘suddenly’. Our wooden pirate ship  is also another toy that supports children’s imagination and story language.

Creativity and language skills are vital in a child’s development and for later life, the play also encourages a child’s development through the child’s eye and exploration at their own pace and in their own comfort of learning.

The design of this toy is presented in a colourful and sturdy box with a magnetic lid for easy storage. The magnetic carry box also props itself up for play on the go or at home, perfect for any occasion in play.