• Magnetic weather board
    A Magnetic Weather board that is brightly coloured and will help young ones to learn all about the whole concept of time, a critical skill for everyday life. Featuring:
    • The different seasons and where they fit into the yearly calendar,
    • Days and dates of the week, months and years.
    • As well as telling time and describing the weather and different activities.
    • The colourful clock face features moveable hands, the 12 and 24 hour' clocks and handy annotations next to each number showing how many minutes past or to the hour each number represents, this is a bonus feature to this particular weather board.
    • The magnetic pieces allow for lots of creativity, providing hours of fun along the way.
    • Highly educational and sure to be enjoyed for many years.
    • Helps to develop dexterity and concentration.
    • The additional bonus to this Magnetic Weather Board it can be personalised creating a timeless gift.
    To continue the development of children's learning in Numeracy/Mathematics our wooden triangular activity also offers a lot of numeracy skills with a greater focus on counting and numbers. 
  • A brightly coloured wooden times table tray. Which includes all the answers on each cube. Designed to support children with there multiplications in a practical and tactile manner. This well thought out learning aid is supplied with a bag, helping to keep all the pieces together, not losing any of the answers and making all the tables add up.
  • wooden 1-100 number tray
    Learn to count, recognise number patterns and support with simple calculations.  This colourful Number Tray, features numbers from 1 to 100. Its simple and attractive designed will ensure young minds stay fully engaged as they work through learning numbers from 1 to 100. A great gift to support homework at home also helps those children with a practical mind in developing fine motor skills. A fun, engaging and durable educational resource that is sure to educate for years to come.