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    wooden rainmaker
    A wooden rainmaker- Let your little one listen to the  soft sound of the rainfall.  When you turn this colourful instrument the beautiful colour of the beads cascade through the tube, creating a stimulating and visual effect. This wooden rainmaker instrument also features illustrations at either end of the rainmaker. the value of the soft sound and visual stimulus for children is calming and can help a baby or child in so many ways. A great wooden collection to sensory and musical instrument toys compliments our  wooden activity centre with getting babies to understand that if you turn or move things there is an effect. The handbells are also popular but not so much with parents.
  • wooden retro ride on heart-red wooden retro scooter
    A classic wooden retro-style ride-on toy with heart pattern detail. This wooden retro scooter is perfect for your little one as a first ride on, however these retro scooters are limited in stock. They have 4 multi direction caster wheels so your little one will find it easy to glide in any direction as they follow you around the house! These solid Wooden Scooters have an amazing amount of detail on them, they we will be a treasured toy for years to come. These Scooters are the ultimate gift for a 1st Birthday, Christmas or from a really generous Uncle! This wooden retro scooter  is off white in colour, with red detailing covered in white hearts. As it's a ride on there is no complicated peddling, multi-directional casters give free flowing movement in all directions for great indoor fun. this toy was not only picked by our own toy tester but also is Winner of Best Toy Design (0-2 years)- Junior Magazine Best Overall Winner 0-3 years- Right Start Awards Gold Winner, sit and ride category- Right Start Awards Overall Winner Toys & Games 0-3 yrs- Practical Pre-school Awards .
  • wooden personalised bookends jungle wooden bookends
    These wooden Jungle themed bookends will add a touch of colour and character to any bedroom, nursery or playroom. These sturdy Jungle themed animal bookends are sure to liven up any room or play area and keep everything neat and tidy! A traditional jungle animal theme of an Elephant, Lion and Tiger  feature in the bookends with enduring faces.  They are a perfect room accessory to store favourite bedtime stories. A full range of room accessories is available for this collection of jungle animals if required. Our personalised wooden toy box can also add a tidy effect to the room, while also keep it calm.  
  • wooden sensory train

    Wooden Sensory Train

    The benefits of this Sensory wooden train:
    • Wooden Toy for durability
    • Colourful including numbers 1-3 for early number recognition.
    • Sensory experience with hearing, sight and touch.
    • Each carriage can be unhooked encouraging a child's curiosity and fine motor control.
    • Supports hand eye co-ordination in constructing the front engine including a little toot.
    • Meets toy safety standards and EN71 approved.
  • My First wooden walker- Marine themed- designed with seven different activities that will stimulate and entertain your little one when he or she is taking a rest from learning to walk. Part of the seven activities includes a sliding sun, a spinning dial, brightly coloured beads  on a wire, plus sorting blocks and a swimming fish across the ocean A strong walker that has four individual rubber trimmed wheels and a wooden handle for support. The perfect gift to help those little ones first steps!
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    Zippy Bear

    A cuddly brown bear, that can be personalised for that extra special gift. This snuggly bear with a lovely plush pile pillow has velcro on both sides of the body so that when velcro touches together this bear can stand on all paws.  
  • A super soft adorable lamb cushion makes the perfect personalised gift, for that someone special. This little lamb has the added feature of having velcro on each side of there body when both sides are velcroed this little lamb is ready to stand on their own.
  • toddler playing with a wooden hammer bench Personalised traditional wooden hammer bench
    This simple but traditional wooden  hammer bench toy brings hours of fun. Featuring matching circle trims for the cylinder shape pegs and mallet for hand and eye- cordniation, not to mention the enjoyment and curiosity of hammering and making a noise. A first rated wooden toy, that can be personalised with your little ones name to create the lasting memory of who bought you your first real toy. Practically designed, to support the early years of learning.  
  • Wooden Noah's Ark Wooden Noah's Ark
    A traditional, colourful Wooden Noah's Ark A favourite of Bright Lights, for it's truly magnificent wooden Noah's Ark features. This wooden Noah's ark comes complete with detailed animals, Noah and his wife, a total of 17 pieces. The wooden detailed animals, which of course come in twos, provide the perfect opportunity for re-enacting scenes of  Noah's Ark. To add character to the ark the dolphin can swim across the ocean following the ark through the ocean. Additional features to this traditional Wooden Noah’s Ark is a folding ramp for the animals to find shelter, detail of their paw prints are included on the inside of the ramp. Some animals can be posted through a shape sorter, while other animals are magnetic so they can hold on tight to Noah's ark or the rooftop. These features will encourage children to discover about cause and effect in a safe and fun way.
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    Entertain your little one on the 'go' or in the 'cot', for that extra 2 minutes piece. This beautifully wooden crafted activity centre features straps. Allowing this activity centre to be strapped to the cot or chair or simply lying on the floor. A compact toy that is portable and light to carry. It's brightly coloured scene, features a spinning sunshine, spinning matching ladybirds or seahorses and movable ducks or fish.        
  • Baby Walker

    Traditional wooden baby walker. Chosen by Bright Lights for it's traditional style and learning opportunities . A toy that can support early stages of walking while also encouraging the mind to solve problems in building and identifying colours. Perfect for those first steps, this sturdy wooden walker includes 25 brick shapes in different colours. Creating hours of fun building and walking, while also creating those long lasting memories.
  • cat tooth timer wooden toothbrush timers
    These fabulous brightly coloured toothbrush holders and timers are a magnificent collection to any bathroom for tiny tots. There are currently three different animal designs available each quirky and adorable in character. With the aim to support tooth brushing time for brighter whiter teeth and happier smiles.
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