So at the beginning part of the year it’s a lot about catching up on paper work, finding new products, exploring  any more equipment to add to our collection. Not to mention reviewing the year just gone to identify what worked well and what needs to be ditched.

Well, already we can say there are new clothing products arriving just today! Take a look at our new personalised Hoodies and Valentine Baby Rompers.  More clothing products will be selected as we go through 2020.

New toys will be viewed next week at the Spring Fair Show and my toy tester is ready with her list.Lets hope she doesn’t upset the sales rep at Bigjigs this year!

We have found more machinery that we really would like. However like all business’ we now need to plan and schedule the introduction of more machines, as well as find more room!

We will be launching a new design brand to Bright Lights Collection, called ‘ Whatbots’ the design’s have been painted by a local Artist based in Stratford and a story has been told by two six year old children. Launch date TBC for 2020.

We hope to grow our Ambassadors this year, so if you know friends or family that are looking to earn a little extra this year point them in our Ambassadors direction.


This year we are also working more on our Etsy shop so please give our Etsy shop a visit. Reviews are also welcomed, not to mention any tips!

In terms of events we are well under way and Christmas 2020 is all planned.  Please look at our ‘Come to see us’ page to discover our locations and New Events. We continue to remain on Worcester High Street and Stratford- Upon-Avon up town Markets each weekend.

Finally we look forward to talking to returning customers and meeting many more new.