Keep the fire alight! Let the magic stay alive this year with our personalised Father Christmas letter.

Our official personalised ‘Santa letters‘ or Father Christmas letters. Are hoping to bring the sparkly back to our children’s eyes this year.

As most of us know children grow up too quickly these days so we want to keep the magic element of Father Christmas alive for as long as possible. With the type of year most of us have had, let’s see happiness through our children’s and loved ones eyes.

Watch our little movie  (click on the link movie) to remind you of how we have created an authentic personalised Father Christmas letter. Keep a look out for Elizabeth posting her letter. Remind your young ones to write to Father Christmas checking which list they are on this year.

So all we ask now is sit back and watch.

A family run business that is trying to create a personalised touch this Christmas. Remember  what your little one puts on their list we might also have in our wooden toy section.

Jeanne, Mark & Elizabeth