Parents Need looking after!

Well after yesterday’s news, we have a happy little one!

“Mummy I’m not alone any more, I can see my Friends!”

Powerful words from a seven-year-old.

While I am happy to hear the news, Elizabeth and all the children can return to school. There is a still a wait and more clarity for a small business like mine, we believe we will be out again on the 12th April. But as many people have said there is some light at the end of the tunnel. However, I do say that with hope, please remember to keep to the rules as I really don’t know how much our small business can take or our children.

So, while we are on a countdown to the 8th March. Now it is important that we need to continue to look after ourselves as parents. I know I am guilty of this all the time, putting my needs at the bottom. Looking after yourself is important and I’m sure there are people reading this who are thinking looking after myself that is a luxury an indulgent.

However, looking after ourselves is an absolute necessity for parents. If we look after ourselves it gives our children the best version of us. I know with Elizabeth she picks up on my emotions very quickly.  Our children realise our emotions very quickly they notice when we are stressed or worried. Our well-being impacts on our child’s.

It’s part of our routine that we have a shower, brush our teeth and we need to model to our children that looking after ourselves is part of life. If they see us prioritising this, they are more likely to understand that it is important.

We have to believe in our own wellbeing and take responsibility. In saying that we also need to set realistic expectations. I know there are some parents who need the whole facial treatment every two weeks, each person is different but it’s about setting realistic targets for yourself that are achievable.

Now I’m not trying to tell you how to suck eggs but we all know about our 5 a day for optimal physical health, but do you consider what feeds a healthy mind?

Here are the ingredients:

  • Sleep- now with small children 8 hours is not always possible, or if you have a daughter like mine who just finds getting to sleep difficult. So, for us 8 hours is not possible, but if we can get a regular 6 hours that is amazing. Its about trying to get a consistent and adequate level of sleep.
  • Physical Exercise 30 minutes a day for us is perfect. Outside is always better even in the winter months. We have bought Fitbit watches to encourage us all to get to the 10,000 steps a day. Physical exercise improves physical and mental health as it releases
  • endorphins these chemicals which reduce stress). With Spring around the corner and a lock down to ease there’s even more reason to be outside enjoying the beautiful country we live in.
  • Down time- this is almost non-existent in our house. Something we try to work on. It’s about taking time out of your day, not looking at social media. Down time is about doing nothing and, not feeling bad about it.
  • Play time. Both adults and children need time to be spontaneous and have fun. Unfortunately, this is all too often forgot about, in our house.  We do schedule play time in for Elizabeth, of course having a full range of wooden toys does help.  However, for us adults that’s’ where we let ourselves down. We need to find laughter and fun they are good ways for diffusing stress. Very often my husband gets cross with me because I can’t relax and everything has to be planned. Taking the fun out of life.
  • Relationships– Speaking to others is an important part of self-care sometimes knowing you’re not alone helps. Being connected with others is important especially during the times were experiencing. Surround yourself with people who understand you and your family and your needs.