Well we have listened and we are expanding our wooden toy range collection. We have brought in new toys and another new supplier, who is also more eco friendly.

Our new toy supplier supports us in being very passionate about their ethical programme to produce wooden toys.

The  new toys being brought in are made from reclaimed timber from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. All wood used is FSC certified Wood. They also replant trees, the toys are rigorously tested, all paints and glues are Toxic free.

Their toys like all our toys offer areas of development for children which can be extended, while their colours are contemporary, cute and realistic.

We can only say its a good job we only looked at the catalogue and we didn’t get to play first!!

However, our toy tester Elizabeth has given the toys a test now and she fully approves on all the toys chosen. Always worth checking with the toy expert first!

While I am working quickly to get them up loaded to the website, there still is only 24 hours in a day.  I can say that we are trying to continue to improve our website while also getting our there to shows and Markets.

A glimpse at some of the new toys, our new supplier is providing and coming into stock.  All very traditional and English, which of course we can personalise.

Just a reminder if you are ever looking for a gift and you can’t find it always ask we are more than happy to help and now we have access to over 2000 toys.

wooden chocolate cake