Lock Down continues talk to your children.

Lock down remains and as I enter my forth week with Elizabeth, Monday mornings have changed at the moment theres no ‘were late!’ ‘Quick!’ ‘Hurry up!’.

Monday mornings are lying on the bed taking and listening about Elizabeths concerns. Some of here concerns and worries are not the same as ours as adults but they are equally as important. As she reminds me we are a small family with little family support if something should happen to Mummy or Daddy what does she do? Daddy is still going to work and might catch the Coronavirus what do we do? She told me she would go to the next door neigbour for help who we only greet normally on our way out in the mornings and write a Christmas card to. Elizabeth also hopes her teacher will ask where she is when they do registrar.

We talked together about solutions and who she could call. Lots of reassurance was done, I also talked to Elizabeth about the positive things that have come from us being at home. While, she was sad for what she did not have that mostly being time with her friends. She was also able to recognise what she did have, extra time with her Mummy and on this Bank holiday Monday a Mummy and Daddy day a rare treat our family.

I have added a new toy today to our website Mag-Play, Elizabeth choose it back in January for it’s ability to change outfits and because it was an activity that we explored together. In these times of uncertaintity take what we have and cherish the moments because when this is all over we will inevertably join the fast race again. Will you still be able to slow life down and talk to your child about their worries, remember as some worries leave today new ones will appear tomorrow. Listen and talk to your children it’s a valuable tool that we can give our children as well as love and time.