Today celebrates Left-handed day.

Hear at Bright lights left handed day is not just for today, for Elizabeth and myself it’s a part of us that is with us 365 days of a year.

Being left handed- As a child growing up being left handed created problems like when you were at school and wanted your pencil licence but you kept smudging you work. So you tried to hold the pen/pencil differently, but then told off for not holding the pen/pencil correctly. There are different challenges for left handed people, while there must be for right-handed people. However the difficulties that I have encountered I have over come and am now able to support Elizabeth in giving her the right tools, techniques and confidence to help her flourish.

Understanding: Awareness of being left handed for us is also about supporting and understanding the frustrations that others may encounter, which is also part of our core business plan in helping people find the right gifts. Sometimes this can be about recommending the right gift, even if its from somewhere else. As we always say to Elizabeth being honest is always best! We believe and hope this is part of why we get retuning customers.

Recommendation: This summer we have had the amazing chance to visit Wise Owl Toys in Worcester and while they are a competitor the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about toys, they also showed me their passion for children’s learning which is a core reason for Bright lights. Being a Primary school teacher and having a child of my own education and development are always high on our list.

Results: If you have the chance and you are left handed its well worth a visit to the Wise Owl Shop in Worcester. We came away with lots of tools that are now helping Elizabeth in particular with her writing. However this is not only supporting her writing but also her emotional development as the tools she has been using provide her with a  comfortable writing grip and she herself can see progress now. Elizabeth is also not smudging her beautiful pictures. A happy Elizabeth equals a happy Mummy. A little help and understanding can go along way.

Happy Left-handed Day.

Jeanne xx