What are the best gifts to buy a one-year-old?

Often the first birthday gift people buy is traditional gifts.  To say it was your first….

With being a personalising company, we can also offer that extra something special by having it customised and if you want to personalise your gift wrapping then we can do that as well. You really can make a first gift exclusive for you to give. So, the memories and the gift stay true and real.

Within this blog we will make recommendations on the best type of toys for this age group.

When buying a gift for a child it is always important to remember that not all children are the same, so the spectrum we will give may seem wide. However, all our individual products are age guided, the details are within our more information section. It’s important to remember that if a gift is for a little one you do not know very well, it is important to note the intended age, not to insult the one you are buying the gift for or the parents.

Within our website we put an age recommendation as well as the areas for leaning development with icons to support your buying choices.

It is crucial that when buying toys, you look for safety standards such as all our toys they are CE trademarked and EN71 approved toys. Making sure toys are safe for little ones is extremely important. As you don’t want to buy a toy and the paint starts to flake off.

For us at Bright Lights it’s about selecting toys that encourage creativeness, that is what our wooden toys do.  Often, we see people buying gifts that are child specific interest, but we believe we need to encourage children to make a toy fun for themselves. Toys that are not proscriptive.

Today more than ever we need toys that promote physical activity, remember some of your best memories as a child riding a bike or flying a kite.

Remember if you can’t find it on our website always ask, behind the scenes we have a large range of wooden toys available to us.

All of our wooden toys are chosen for their growth with a child, our Wooden Noah’s ark provides lots of curiosity and wonder, while encouraging other different areas of learning.

Toys need to provide a sensory experience not just the idea of lighting up.

Lastly while our little ones are absorbing everything so quickly, it’s important to select toys that offer educational value and that is a main core purpose of our business.

Between 12 moths- and 24 months children are absorbing learning so quickly, they know what everyday objects are, such as spoon, or phone. They are starting to follow simple directions such as blow mummy a kiss.

So our top 5 gifts for one year olds:

  • Noahs Ark
  • Sensory Train
  • Rag Doll
  • Safari Lorry
  • Wooden Hammer Bench