Getting Organised with the Family.

organised as a family

Are you the Mum waking your child or children up and saying

‘Morning, wake up we are late!’

I was until Elizabeth said to me we are always late!

Not something I liked hearing, so I decided we needed to be organised with the family.

So rules and jobs were put into place. So, as most women will recognise we tend to do it all for an easier and quicker life. The problem was I was doing more and more while still running Bright Lights.

So first thing, we started to sort rooms out in the house. Elizabeth had taken over too many rooms. I needed to claim some rooms back. We got our lounge back and had our dinning room back. Elizabeth’s toy room was condensed.

Elizabeth’s Role:

Elizabeth needed to be given jobs, she is 7 years old so its not slave labour. It was more about her working as part of the family and taking time, responsibbilites and respect for herself and the family home in which she lives.

Her jobs:

  1. To pack her own little tea.
  2. Make her bed (which is taking time)
  3. Unload the dishwasher
  4.  Carry her bags to and from the house and to the car.

Mark’s Role:

It’s a team effort Mark has also been given jobs.

  1. To sort his own lunch.
  2. Load the car in the morning with everyones belongings for the day.
  3.  Get breakfast ready.
  4. Run Mw Electrical Services (Uk) Ltd

My Role:

  1. Clean the whole house.
  2. Laundry and Ironing
  3. Take care of Elizabeth
  4. Run Bright Lights.

So while I am still wearing many caps, I do feel that the family are working better together in doing our bit.

As I watch adverts friends sorting out their belongings and selling items. Families are making room for new gifts.

The value of being organised:

The value of being prepared, means that there is room for discussions at the table about what we can do in half term. It often means homework, chores, and other tasks will get done with increasing consistency and efficiency. Of course, Elizabeth will still need my help and guidance, but I am finding I am not  having to nag as much.

Tools that can help:

Keeping a happy ship in your house hold. Our wooden magnetic weatherboard can also be a great resource to help children with time and sequencing of duties. While our white wooden toy chest is also helpful in tidying up.