Bright Lights is hugely proud to introduce an exclusive range of products and collections to you.

We have worked day and night for the last three months in discovering and designing a whole new range of products that are exclusive to Bright Lights.

We have collaborated with a very talented Artist- Mark Kaiser. To design a light floral and sophisticated design that can uniquely be personalised creating a product or collection that will create a memorable experience to those that receive them. It’s a design that customers have expressed through their ideas but never seen. This Blossom Spring design has lead us to discovering quality, practical products while creating unique personalised gifts for you.

The plan for the collection is to theme the design slightly throughout the year, but for you to continue recognising the bespoke design to Bright Lights. So when you are at home with visitors, or out and about and someone compliments your luxury Blossom Spring makeup bag they identify where it is from Bright Lights.