As I sit here typing this blog, I am dreaming of a cosy Christmas Eve as this is generally when we can have a couple of days off, to spend as a family.

While this year many people have had extra time at home, it’s not been for us as Mark (Husband) has been working through out the whole of lock down as a key worker.

I had to home school while being an ex-teacher, I loved to see how Elizabeth was doing at school. But like many, the challenges of home schooling and work life balance proved difficult.

I put my all into everything we do and this resulted in me feeling that I could not let Elizabeth down. I home schooled every day from 8:30- 4:30 pm. I Woke at 3 am to try and get some work done and then in the evening once Elizabeth was asleep I tried to work again. But honestly I was physically tired.  So looking back I probably  didn’t do my best work in planning ahead and auditing and check through on stock levels.  But  I tried, for my family and for what I thought I had to do.

Today I have been working hard on getting all our dressing gowns on line, so while some are missing, or out of stock  I can say that I am making some head way.

cream pink dressing gown personalised.

Please take a look at our amazing personalised dressing gowns.  They are so soft and we personalise each one just for you. Best of all when your little one is wearing their cosy gown they make the perfect snuggle partner.

When we are back out at our markets or our events our dressing gowns are a number one seller and people return year after year for them. For new additions to the family or that little Oliver just keeps grown. So if you are thinking of that special time of year where you want to be warm,  relax and enjoy those moments take a look at our personalised dressing gowns and support a small family run business that has not taken its foot off the gas this year but has worked hard to continue fighting to get up that hill.