Are wooden toys hygienic?

wiping clean






This blog is all about how hygienic are wooden toys compared to plastic toys. This blog will not give you all the answers but it will provide some hopefully thought-provoking answers.

Over the years I have seen lots of parents buying plastic toys, cleaning them using wipes. So, here is a thought many of my customers are Grandparents and they buy wooden toys because they value them and believe them to be good traditional toy that lasts a life time.

Younger parents who do buy our wooden toys follow a Montessori approach to how children learn.


CE APPROVED LOGOAll our wooden educational toys are safe with approved safety marks such as CE mark. and all the paint is EN71.

However, in a world in which we live, where germs and infection are literally critical in every sense of the word.


If parents are wiping toys to prevent germs spreading. Are they doing the right thing?

Ultimately it is a parent’s choice in how they decide to spend their time cleaning, and what toys they provide their child children with. But let me provide you with the facts about why wooden toys are more hygiene for your children than plastic.

Wood possesses anti-bacterial properties. Meaning it causes viruses and bacteria to die off faster.

Cleanness is key and this is what many of us are reminded about through the corona virus times. So why not wipe with a damp cloth, with perhaps a little mild soap to give a wooden train set a life time of happiness. Wiping with water or a mild soap is not putting any harsh chemicals onto the toys, at the same time it is saving you money by not having to box of wipes. By using wipes, the wood is swelling and the intensity of the paint is being broken down.

Ultimately, we sell toys because of their worth not just in terms of play and education, but also value and the potential behind them.

So, in our conclusion we value the worth of wooden toys for our children, for our families and our purses.