I thought I would touch base with everyone. From our little studio in Worcestershire. The past few weeks have been extremely busy and emotional in our personal life, which has affected the business and home life unfortunately. Mark went into hospital and had a full knee replacement and a leg alignment. For Mark this was his first time in hospital, the whole experience has been a challenge, as well as strange – Not being able to visit a loved one when you know they are in so much pain, is just not natural but it’s what had to be done.

As some of our close friends always say to us it never just rains for you guys it pours! it really has in the last four weeks. On the day Mark was released from hospital I had already taken Elizabeth to the A & E department, within 48 hours of Mark being home we were taking him back up to A & E. At midnight I was collecting a bed for Mark, loading and un-loading vans with a seven-year-old half asleep. I was only thankful for some great friends.

The story does improve. Mark is on the long road to recovery; Elizabeth is okay and as always fully of energy and wanting to do all the clubs on offer at school. While me on the other hand am trying to keep all the plates going. As Mark is in a full leg brace and on crutches it leaves him with little to do but ring his bell for his nurses to make him drinks!

Last weekend saw us return back to Stratford- Upon-Avon, I did the whole day on my own with loading, unloading and driving, what a day! While again we had some good friends pop in and check Mark and Elizabeth where okay.

However, like many of you who know me we have to keep going. There is no option to give up or stop. So, we are continuing to bring in new products, we are increasing our visibility on Pinterest.

personalised wooden bbq






Our Etsy Shop is growing and we are still working on new events for the year and next as well as actually personalising all your beautiful gifts.

Thank you for all your support, it really has made a huge difference to a small family run business, where we do care about our customers and try to help where ever or whenever we can. Hope to see or hear from you all soon. x